Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty Highlights Lack of Free Speech

Artist and entertainers have been some of the biggest supporters of free speech. With Duck Dynasty, and the Gay comments from Phil, A&E has publicly announced that they are no better than the conservatives who will not allow points of view not traditionally seen as popular. Who cares if you agree with what Phil says. Last I checked he has the right to say what he thinks, without being harassed or fired, just as the gays and lesbians do. Quit picking and choosing what speech you allow. Or soon we will treat you as you treat others and stop listening to your network because we disagree with something you say. Let people say what they want without being afraid of the repercussions. Citizens who are afraid to speak, have already lost their freedom of speech. I would think Artists and Entertainers would be the last to punish someone for self expression that is not approved of by those in control. Popular speech doesn't need protection, it is unpopular speech that we as Artists must protect and stand for.

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